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Dusty Kinman Kinman's great love for the beauty of the Southwest deserts in the springtime and his ability to capture this fleeting time on canvas was generated by life with his late parents, Kerry Kinman and Linda Lee. He has been traveling to the Southwestern desert each spring for the past 19 years. Learning more and more about the life of an artist until finally picking up a painting knife at the age of 21. Dusty says, "To see and experience the life that a successful artist can have a big affect on who and what I wanted to become some day. Our family was always very close due to the fact that my late parents were always right there for me when I needed them the most. Being an artist will allow me to do the same, and maybe pass on this wonderful gift to my children some day."

In late January, their first stop is the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Dusty spends many hours searching out the desert plains & canyons, photographing the spectacular beauty found at that time of the year. Then returning to his home in May to paint from the material he has gathered.

After sufficient spring rains, the desert literally "comes alive" with a gorgeous and fragrant array of spring wildflower


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